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Dear Kathy, Queen of Cops


I'd like to thank you for your efforts to reach out to Boston's diverse communities. As you probably know, Kenmore tends to get shafted when it comes to policing. Ours is a neighborhood of neither fame nor infamy. At best, people just pass through it, at worst they relieve themselves one way or the other as they do it. The Boston Police Department rarely finds the manpower to fight such crimes. It is sad, but understandable: The BPD can't be everywhere, and I imagine that some neighborhoods, like Hyde Park, or Southie, need cops more than we do.

So you should know that I, and really all of us at Kenmore Square, truly appreciate the high-profile police presence the other night. Sure, it wasn't visible, but it certainly was audible. Having a parked, unmarked police car blare its siren on Commonwealth Avenue for a good 45 minutes no doubt sent a strong message to the bad guys: Stay away or you'll go deaf! The timing was a stroke of absolute genius. 2 a.m. in the morning. That's just brilliant. Just as the bad guys think they have the street to themselves...BAM! There's that siren.

The incident also highlighted the responsiveness of 911. Every time we called they assured us that the incident was "logged", meaning, I take it, that no officer was about to interfere with the Decibel Saturation Strategy. Things did get dicey a couple of times, when a lone police officer ambled up to the car, but then ambled away after making sure that the car doors were indeed locked and there was no risk of any bad guys making off with the siren. It wasn't until a good deal later, after a small gathering of State and city officers had discussed amongst themselves and concluded that our stretch of Comm Ave had been properly secured that the massive police presence was toned down, even silenced, except for the ringing in my ears, which lasted a while longer.

I noticed yesterday that the unmarked police car was once again parked outside our building. I feel tremendously secure knowing that, at no moments notice, the Decibel Saturation Strategy can be implemented once again.

Yours Truly,
Sound Asleep at Kenmore Square

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